Donnerstag, 24. November 2011

"option nis-domain larger than buffer" while flashing a DBoxII with Debian/Ubuntu

Recently, I needed to update the image on my (already Linuxed) Dbox-II. Now, there are many good guides out there, like (german), but after booting with the ppc bootloader, the flash image wouldn't be transferred.

The syslog would countain multiple lines of
dhcpd: parse_option_buffer: option nis-domain
(32) larger than buffer.

As it turns out it is most likely a bug in the Dbox's implementation of the dhcp client and is known in debian's BTS:

My solution was to use the bootpd package instead. (apt-get install bootpd) Configuration is a bit more complex but still easy:

Put this in /etc/bootptab:
The ha=00509c is your dbox's MAC address, ip= is the IP-address of the dbox, sa= is the tftp server's address.

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