Donnerstag, 24. November 2011

Debian Games Team meeting #6

The Debian Games Team is organizing another meeting, if you're into developing and/or packaging of games, or just generally curious about games in Debian/Ubuntu, you should join!

It will be held next Saturday, on the 26th of November, in the #debian-games channel on (also know as
The wiki page for the meeting is at

The agenda starts off with the usual round of introductions, so if you're new to the Team, say hi! Then we'll be going through the action items from the last meeting, including work on the Debian Games LiveCD, and what's up with the /usr/games/ path anyways?

Next we'll be moving onto how the Games Team is faring in terms of members: are new recruits finding it comfortable, should we advertise more?

Next up it's the squeeky penguin: Wheezy is somewhere in the not-completely-distant future, how does that affect the Games Team, should we be scuffling to get specific tasks done?

Then onto the recurring question of Sponsoring, and how to improve it, should we be utilising DebExpo more? What about our favourite PET?

Lastly, PlayDeb is doing some really neat stuff, would it make sense for our team to push some changes to PlayDeb? Would it make sense for PlayDeb to push changes to Debian Games?

Hopes are for a good discussion, and a merry time, hope to see you all there!

"option nis-domain larger than buffer" while flashing a DBoxII with Debian/Ubuntu

Recently, I needed to update the image on my (already Linuxed) Dbox-II. Now, there are many good guides out there, like (german), but after booting with the ppc bootloader, the flash image wouldn't be transferred.

The syslog would countain multiple lines of
dhcpd: parse_option_buffer: option nis-domain
(32) larger than buffer.

As it turns out it is most likely a bug in the Dbox's implementation of the dhcp client and is known in debian's BTS:

My solution was to use the bootpd package instead. (apt-get install bootpd) Configuration is a bit more complex but still easy:

Put this in /etc/bootptab:
The ha=00509c is your dbox's MAC address, ip= is the IP-address of the dbox, sa= is the tftp server's address.